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Our Season usually runs Mid May to Mid October
Or when folks can get into the high mountains.
We start taking reservations in January each year.
We are first to call, first reserved.
We will rent at other times if circumstances favor. Ask us.
Current year availability is decided in the spring as we start conditioning, and may not be set until into April.
We will teach packgoat classes per request. (Classes are free)

May 2020

Friday, 1 -- goats available ?

June 2020

Monday, 1 -- goats available ?

July 2020

Wednesday, 1 – goats available ?


August 2020

Saturday, 1 -- goats available ?

September 2020

Tuesday, 1 -- goats available ?

October 2019

Thursday, 1 -- goats available ?


1-877-packgoat (722-5462)

  307-701-GOAT (4628)

 614 Spring Creek Road
       Evanston, WY 82930


High Uinta Pack Goats has been providing the public with pack goat rental services and training programs since 1994. Our business originally started out as a hobby to provide a family member with debilitating health problems a means of enjoying the hiking and camping activities she loved.