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North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA)

NAPgA: In order to provide enough money for court costs in an effort to keep our National Forests open for us; please consider donating to NAPgA! There are ongoing legal fees for litigation purposes to defend our rights to access the National Forests!  If we don't continue the fight, our chances of continuing to take our goats into the National Forest may be only a memory.
Be sure to join NAPgA's facebook page: North American Packgoat Assocciation/NAPgA

Packgoat forums:
Packgoat Central
The Goat Spot

Free Permits Are Required For Organized Groups and Recreational Livestock Users in the Wind River Mountains WY

Overnight Campers with Pack or Saddle Stock

High Uinta Maps (north eastern Utah)  wilderness trail heads Uintas East end  Uintas West end wilderness Trails good High Uinta info with pictures


 Who to buy goat equipment, and “stuff” from:
Northwest Pack Goats & Supplies
Bear River Outfitters

Butt-Head Packgoats

Mt Sopris Llamas Unltd.  (goat page)

Pack Goats for sale

Paradise Ranch
- Dwite & Mary Sharp (620) 767-7888 Kansas.

Kopf Canyon Ranch
Summit Packgoats 402-374 1317 Nebraska
Shuteye Packgoats - Rodney York 559-877-2701 mailto:
Noble Trails DW Farms 740-683-4628 Ohio  Pack & Harness  goats

Pack Goat Outfitters

Goat Pro Idaho, Boise, ID
Feed for packgoats (wethers):
Cache Commodities -- Custom Mix 1596
Chaffhaye - Pasture in a bag

Suggested reading: All books available from NorthWest PackGoats Goat Tracks Journal of the Working Goat  Quarterly Periodical
Practical Goatpacking by Carolyn Eddy 
Diet for Wethers by Carolyn Eddy 
The Pack Goat by John Mionczynski The definitive book on Goat Packing 
Goat Packing An Illustrated Guide by Dale W. Yates 
Nanny Manicures by Diane Gray
Goat Field First Aid Book by Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy
Goat First Aid - The Trail Guide by Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy

Catalogs: We can order from these companies for you.

Liberty Mountain
Katadyn -- Optimus -- AplineAire
The Outdoor Trail
Adventure 16 -- Summit Distribution 

Other good suppliers:

 Noble Tails Supply
Hoegger Supply Company
Premier 1 - Equipment That Works!
Titanium Goat -- Ultra Light Gear
Clark Jungle Hammock
SkyCall Communications, Salt Lake City, UT

Emergency Help: 
Poisonous Plants: 
1-900-680-0000 ($20 for the first 5 minutes, then $2.95/minute after. Charged to your phone bill) 
1-800-548-2433 ($30 per case. Bills to your credit card)



1-877-packgoat (722-5462)

  307-701-GOAT (4628)

 614 Spring Creek Road
       Evanston, WY 82930


High Uinta Pack Goats has been providing the public with pack goat rental services and training programs since 1994. Our business originally started out as a hobby to provide a family member with debilitating health problems a means of enjoying the hiking and camping activities she loved.