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We don't know how Philip Wagnor heard we had packgoats, but that he did is what started us as High Uinta Pack Goats. In late 1999 he contacted us and asked if he could rent or buy a couple of goats to get him and his camera gear into the rugged high country of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. We weren't going to sale any of our boys, so we said we could probably rent him a couple. Then in 2002 two more folks asked. The rest is history.

This trip was back before digital cameras and the equipment Philip had to use was bulky, heavy and delicate. He would carry the camera gear; he needed the goats for his camping gear. Since neither we nor he knew what the goats would do with a stranger, Philip invited Clay along the first year. By the time vacations were in sync it was 2001. Philip did take goats three more years on his own.

Here is the shared 2001 trip in pictures from the Glacier Trail Head north of Dubois, Wyoming, up to Goat Flat and No-Man Pass and back. A distance of 85 miles, mostly above timberline without a trail to follow.  Since November 4, 2011 this same area is no longer open to packgoats. We are not sure it will ever be open to them again. (As of 24 February 2016 the closure was declared through the courts, to have been based on faulty reports. NAPgA -North American Packgoat Association- is currently working with the USFS land managers to get this area and others reopened to packgoats.)

So enjoy the picture show.

We used the © pictures with special written permission from the photographer Philip Wagner, please respect his ownership and do not copy any of his pictures.You are always welcome to lift our pictures for computer backgrounds or printing for you own enjoyment. If you wish to republish them, please drop us I note as to what context you are using it in. We have found some used in commentaries that are mislabeled as to where and when they were taken.


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High Uinta Pack Goats has been providing the public with pack goat rental services and training programs since 1994. Our business originally started out as a hobby to provide a family member with debilitating health problems a means of enjoying the hiking and camping activities she loved.