Yes, we do rent goats out.

Rental Agreement Worksheet and Replacement List

(Our actual lease includes a liability waiver.)
[To Download full document click here. All pages must be sighed before rental]

High Uinta Pack Goats agrees to provide animals in good health and working condition. All necessary worming and vaccinations as well as any other routine health concerns will be taken care of prior to the renter receiving the animals. Veterinary Health Certificates will be provided where required. All equipment will be provided in good working order.

If problems develop with animals or equipment during a prolonged rental period we will provide necessary replacement items to the renter free of charge at trail heads.

Renter agrees to use the animals responsibly and treat them in a friendly, humane manner; High Uinta Pack Goats reserve the right to contact local authorities if abuse or neglect is suspected. The Renter agrees to provide adequate supervision, never leaving the animals unattended for long periods of time or allow them in hazardous areas. Should the animals be killed, lost or injured, the Renter agrees to pay High Uinta Pack Goats for the cost of replacement or necessary medical costs related to an injury. The Renter assumes responsibility for veterinary care should it become necessary during the rental period. Normal wear and tear on equipment is expected, however if it is lost or damaged due to neglect, the Renter agrees to reimburse High Uinta Pack Goats for the cost of repair or replacement.

Renter agrees not to transport goats further than 400 miles (approximate) one way. Renter verifies that they have appropriate auto insurance.

Expected length of Rental Period: Start Date ___________ Return Date ____________ Total Days Rented________

Goats Rented: #_________

Names of Goats___________________________________________________________________________


Total value of animals: $800 per animal.

Equipment Rented: See inventory list attached and on bucket kit: Total value of Equipment: $700.00 per goat rig.

$_________ Amount of Goat Rental:  $35 Day/Goat/Min 2 Goats
$_________ Group Discount 10% (Police, Fire, EMS and Military with ID. Others are available. ASK.)
$_________ Trailer Rental $50
$_________ In-Reach Satellite Communicator $30
$_________ Health Certificate $35 (Required for Out-of-Wyoming use; except Uinta Mountains in Utah)
$_________ Food (Usually will need to be ordered 2 months in advance of rental)
$­_________ Retail Equipment (Usually will need to be ordered 2 months in advance of rental)
$_________ State Tax: (5.00%) (Applies to trailer, phone, spot, and any retail except food)
$_________ Total Rental


High Uinta Pack Goats monitors the compatibility of the people and animals, as well as the treatment the animals receive at the hands of the people leasing the animals.  These measurements can only be made on a subjective basis therefore;

High Uinta Pack Goats reserves the right to refuse or retract the right of any party to use these animals at any time, for any reason, with or without cause.

By signing our Rental Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of this agreement.



Per Goat Rental

Cost of items if lost or damaged


  1. Two or more goats with collars & name tags $800. ea

  2. Leash (one per goat with carabiner) $27.

  3. Saddle (with gray strap & pad) $190.

  4. Panniers (one set of 3 per goat) $165.

  5. 10 X 12 Tarp (rain shelter) as needed $70.

  6. Twine (for use with tarp) as needed $0.        

  7. Highline rope with two carabiners $40.

  8. Ground stake (one end of highline rope tie out) $10.

  9. Water bowl (2.5 qt) $25.

10. Grooming Brush $8.

11. Scale (0-50# for weighting panniers) $35.

12. Squirt bottle (used for discipline) $5.

13. Bug repellant (as needed) $0.

14. Bear bag (as needed) $30.

15. Treats (one bag for all goats per day) $0.

16. Goat coats (as needed) $55.

17. First Aid Kit(first aid for goats book, wound dressing spray, gauze, vet wrap, vitamin B-1, gloves, leave no trace & outdoor ethics info cards.) $40.

18. Bucket w/ lid used to transport smaller items. $10.

1. From I-80 southwest Wyoming

2. Take exit #5 (Wy-89 N/WY-150 S/Front Street)

3. Head South for about 11 miles. (If you need gas first, you need to go into town to the north)

4. Turn left onto CR-173 (marked with recreation sign for Sulfur Creek Reservoir)

5. Heading east go 3.2 miles (road will turn south again, and becomes dirt after about 2 miles)

6. Turn right onto CR-167 (right angle up hill, no advance signage. If you pass the “Piedmont Ghost Town” sign, you missed the road.)

7. About 0.6 miles you will find a street sign for Spring Creek Road; (first intersecting road you come to) turn right.

8. Go about 0.7 miles to bottom of hill.

9. 614 Spring Creek Road is on the left. (House with detached garage and red roofing tiles.)



1-877-packgoat (722-5462)

  307-701-GOAT (4628)

 614 Spring Creek Road
       Evanston, WY 82930


High Uinta Pack Goats has been providing the public with pack goat rental services and training programs since 1994. Our business originally started out as a hobby to provide a family member with debilitating health problems a means of enjoying the hiking and camping activities she loved.